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Our mission is to manage our resources efficiently to meet our customer's business success.
1. People Oriented
People are our most valuable resource. It is our responsibility to provide employees with positive, comfortable and open environment so that we may nurture and cultivate their talents, thus encouraging their potential and improving the competitiveness of the company. It has always been our doctrine to creat a harmonic relationship in our organization by fostering trust, encouraging teamwork, instilling family values and creating allegiance

2. Respect Our Customers
Respect Our Customers We serve our customers with the utmost professionalism by managing our resources with flexibility and mobility to adapt to various customer demands. Thus to creating a win-win situation. This is the primary drive for our success and continuous growth. Customer's demand are the top priority at Yonglee Tex because we regard our customers as perpetual partners, we take our customers' success as our success.

3. Quality Control
Customer satisfaction is the proof of our quality, so everyone at Yongleetex strives to satisfy not only the external customers, but also the cooperators within the company. The quality of our products is the responsibility of everyone at YongleeTex. With the attitude of pursuing perfection and continually improving ourselves, we solve problems with corrective and preventive actions; we actively finish every task to the highest of our abilities and we strive to maintain full customer satisfaction.

4. Encourage Innovation
In the ever-changing business environment, innovation is the lifelines of our very survival. Without constant advancement, we will face immediate elimination and defeat, so staying ahead of the competition is mandatory. In addition to pursuing innovative breakthroughs in our service, it is also necessary to seek constant improvement in quality, planning, marketing and management, and in accumulating and utilizing our company's intellectual assets. By establishing open communication, maintaining vigor, mobility and efficiency in the company, and by creating constant employee vitality, we are capable of responding to the ever-changing environment. This is the only way our company can constantly evolve.

5. Dare to be No.1
In order for our enterprise to continuously prosper, it is necessary to look broadly at the international market and bravely compete with the brand-name giants. The international trade is one without national limits, so we want to constantly grow and extend our base. Our strategy is to provide the best services to our target customers around the world.

6. Serve the society
Both employees and shareholders are important members of our organization. We strive to provide employees with benefits that are superior to the industry's average, and for our shareholders to receive reasonable returns on their investments. The growth of our company is related to the health of the entire? society as a whole, so we also endeavor to assist the community. We will not only strive to become one of the top-rated companies when it comes to benefits and returns, but we ultimately want to become one of the top-rated companies overall, powered by our corporate commitment, customer service and quality.

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